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McAllen Public Adjusters

McAllen public adjusters serve insurance policyholders living in McAllen, Texas who need help settling hail and storm damage claims. While your insurance company adjuster may have offered a significant settlement offer (or may not have), you are entitled to a second option. Don't simply accept an offer just because one's been made. McAllen public adjusters are here to help! With an adjuster's professional assistance, your claim could be worth much, much more.

Why Should McAllen Public Adjusters Get Involved?

McAllen public insurance adjusters are licensed insurance professionals that prioritize your losses and look out for your best interests. Insurance company adjusters are also professionals that may genuinely care about your loss; however, they work for your insurance company, not for you. Your needs are secondary to the needs of the company which typically has a financial interest in minimizing losses.

Licensed by the state of Texas, McAllen public insurance adjusters bring the same training, experience, knowledge, and skills to an insurance claim as a company adjuster brings – but from your perspective, not the insurance company's.

What McAllen Public Adjusters Do

Public insurance adjusters hold your insurance company accountable for its end of the bargain. We make sure that everything that you've lost as a result of a covered event is documented, properly estimated, claimed, and compensated for. We also relieve your stress by taking the burden off of your shoulders. In short, we take over all of the tasks associated with filing an insurance claim, even the monotonous task of paperwork.

Types of Insurance Claims Handled in McAllen

Public adjusters work on a variety of insurance claim types. In McAllen, hail and storm damage are common – and the costs associated high. While we specialize in these areas, we can help with numerous claim types including:
Hail and storm damage
Damage from windstorms and tornadoes
Fire, lightning, and smoke damage
Theft and vandalism claims
Roof and siding damage
Residential and commercial insurance claims
And much more…

Put the Expertise of McAllen Public Adjusters to Work

McAllen public adjusters work on a contingency basis, too. If your public adjuster cannot reach a settlement, you don't pay. If you want to make sure your insurance company pays its fair share, make sure to get your own representative. Just as you'd likely hire your own attorney when faced with a lawsuit or your own real estate agent when buying a house, getting a public insurance adjuster on your side is a must.

Remember, because McAllen public adjusters work on a contingency basis, there are never any upfront costs and we are paid only if we reach a settlement for you. Contact us today to learn more.